Many issues can be solved with our remote support service such as printer problems or software not running correctly. However, there are some problems that can't be resolved with the support service, such as if your machine doesn't boot or login or if your internet is at fault. In those cases, your machine would have to come in for us to take a look at or a callout would need to be arranged.

We offer 2 support packages. Both offer online & phone support and both include a free annual checkup.

The Gold package comes with a free 1 year subscription to Kaspersky, our internet security of choice.

  • Because this is online support, your computer needs to be online in order to use it.
  • Free yearly health check is only available when paying yearly or when a year has passed.
  • Free Kaspersky is only available when 2 months have been paid.
  • Being part of our remote support program does not discount workshop prices.
  • This service is only for support with faults, not for help or tutorials.